Hook of the Week: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire

Hey, Kevin here with an extra special Hook of the Week.

If you’re not already a big fan of John Lee Dumas and his podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, then prepare to be inspired.

Just two years ago, John was a frustrated working stiff, dragging himself out of bed and into his car to endure another rush hour death march to a job he despised.

John’s only salvation – the glimmer of hope that got him through those grueling commutes – was listening to business podcasts.

He would devour every episode of shows like Smart Passive Income and hear guys like Pat Flynn and Ramit Sethi talk about how to make it as an entrepreneur. He dreamt of breaking free.

But how?

Then one day, sweating out another slow crawl down the highway to hell, his stash ran dry.

He was out of new podcast episodes.

“I was devastated.” John says. “I thought if I’ have to be stuck here in traffic with nothing but the radio I’ll go out of my mind.”

And that’s when the “a-ha” moment happened. One of those idea you feel crawl up the back of your neck.

He conceived of a podcast that comes out with a new episode out 7 days a week. Interview with inspiring entrepreneurs. A show custom-made for people like him who thrive on the motivation to cross over. To discover all the pieces of the business puzzle, and find a way to make them fit together.

Then he thought…

“There should be a someone who creates it… why not me?”

And this is where the story gets really good.

Because we’ve all had those hair raising ideas. That “this it it!’ moment that sends you slipping naked and soapy out of the shower straight to the notepad. An idea that feels so right and so real you’re sure you’ve finally struck gold.

And then we make the mistake of telling someone about it and POP!…

… logic creeps in and the dream is dead before the words even leave our mouths.

“Everybody told me I was crazy”, John told me during our recent chat.

“They said, ‘no one will listen to 7 shows a week. You’ll run out of guests, you’ll burn out, your audience will burn out. It just can’t be done.’”

Negative feedback on a newborn idea can be crushing. But John’s vision was clear, his passion strong. He knew exactly who he was making this show for, and he was sure there had to be thousands of people out there who felt just like he did on those soul sapping sits down deadlocked highways.

People who felt in their bones that life on the hamster wheel was not for them.

People who NEEDED to break free to ever feel alive.

Who would not only listen to 7 interviews a week, but use them like a treasure map, a beacon, maybe even a rally cry… to say… yeah, screw it…

“Why not me?”

Turns out he was right… and then some.

Less than two years after saying “why not?” and hearing every expert say, “Uh, because… it’s never been done.”

He did it.

He created the most popular, most lucrative and most inspiring podcast in the business world.

A dude with no radio experience, no social media following and no one agreeing that he had a good idea, now inspires over half a million people to download and devour his podcast.

Just two years ago John Lee Dumas felt trapped, frustrated and overwhelmed. Another dreamer with no way of doing. No insider knowledge of podcasting, no special business contacts, nothing to back his audacious idea that people will listen to him talk 7 days a week.

In 2013, John started posting his monthly income reports on the blog…

In it’s first 365 days, Entrepreneur on Fire netted $69, 870.05

Last month (July ’14) John’s website earned more 3 times that amount… an eye-popping $241,587.74

What I love about this story is that in an industry where so many people base their ideas on numbers… thinking only about how much money they can make from them. John based the idea for EonFire on nothing more than desire.

His own desire to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs… and his desire to inspire the millions more out there searching for a spark… just waiting to catch fire.


All true, too.

In fact, I’ll be John’s guest on Entrepreneur on Fire tomorrow (Aug 14) and you’ll hear more about his journey – and mine – on the show.

I’ll send out a reminder with a link on Thursday and if you like it, I hope you’ll share the episode with other people looking to get inspired.

I have a secret goal of earning a spot in EonFire’s top ten episodes (out of over 660 so far). There’s a lot of big names in there, but screw it… Why not mine? :-)

I’m also going to break down a video John made about his journey and how he uses “next level” KLT hook tactics found in The 60-Second Sales Hook.

See you then!


If you want to hear more about how John built his podcast into the mega-success that it is, click here to check out the weekly live webinar he hosts every Wednesday.

It’s a masterclass in getting paid to be yourself. He breaks down everything from the equipment he uses, to how he gets his guests to how earns money with the show.

He also offers a paid training at the end. I haven’t taken it yet, but I plan to before I start my next podcast in the fall.

When you meet John you’ll know right away that the dude only puts out quality. Which is why I’m happy to promote him and his material.

More soon.




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  1. Jenn Swanson
    Jenn Swanson says:

    Would love to be on the webinar, but doing a pile of interviews today and can’t make it. I am part of the Podcast Paradise community though, and have heard Jon’s amazing story and actually met him at NMX both before and after his success…so I wish you a fabulous experience with the webinar, and look forward to hearing about how it all went…which I’m sure will be “smashingly!”
    Thanks for the invite! ;)

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